On Sale NOW!


Now for sale in the Celebration Center….

Yes indeed, Trinity Lutheran Church is proud to support Lutheran World Relief by offering our congregants & visitors the opportunity to purchase this outstanding Fair Trade Certified Coffee!

LWR Farmers Market Coffee is a new line of coffee sourced directly from farmers participating in Lutheran World Relief projects.

Every delicious cup helps transform poor communities that depend on their coffee crop to feed their families. Farmers are given a stable, predictable, and higher price upfront for their beans. With LWR Farmers Market Coffee, farmers aren’t just suppliers of coffee beans, they are partners in the coffee business.

Offered in a balanced medium roast, a classic dark roast or a smooth decaf, LWR Farmers Market Coffee is available in 12oz bags for your home or in bulk for your congregation. Serve it at your congregation’s coffee hour. Or sell it for a fundraiser or as an educational opportunity. You can even sign up for a home subscription to enjoy during your morning routine.

Stop by between services during our fellowship every Sunday at 9:30am for your chance to get some of this delicious brew and help people in need at the same time! You can visit their site here: https://lwr.org/coffee